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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Will people who have beaten Corona also need to be vaccinated?

 Viewing the drug between the corona virus and the pandemic vaccine kagadole wait for every country. It has been said that people will get the Corona Vaccine for free. However, there is also the question of whether people have recovered from the epidemic. Will they also need the vaccine? On which the opinion of experts is different.

Virologist and Doctors' Opinion Dr. Devprasad Chattopadhyay, Virologist and Director, ICMR-NITM, says that people who have recovered from corona. They do not need a vaccine because they have already developed antibodies to fight the disease. "To put it bluntly, getting vaccinated means boosting our immunity," he said. So that the virus has no effect. Antibodies have already been developed in those who have recovered. Therefore, according to science, they do not need to be vaccinated.

What do doctors think?
However, Dr. Ramesh, an epidemiologist, says that re-infection is also seen in people who have recovered. So everyone needs a vaccine. According to Dr. Giridharbabu, an epidemiologist and a member of the State Advisory Committee, it would be foolish to talk about this issue now. "There is no evidence to suggest that the virus has changed form," said Dr Babu. Also, there is not enough information about how long the antibodies last in the recovered patients.

A great example of chickenpox and the flu
There are two big examples, he says, against scientists. For example, if a person recovers from chickenpox, he or she does not need the vaccine. Yes, people often have to take booster shots when it comes to the flu. Corona viruses can go in either of these directions or even get stuck between the two. The dose of the vaccine has not yet been determined.

'Everything was known so fast .....'
General Physician Dr. Srinivasa Kakkalia is also the co-author of a book on Kovid-19. His opinion is quite different from that of Doctor Babu. According to Dr Srinivasan, for the first time in history, the scientific community has learned a lot about the new virus in such a short time. He added, "tamemori T cells showed a robust responding T cells respond to research. Which means that the antibodies do not last a long time, but to stop the virus effect will help T-cell antibodies."

The research concern
in the Imperial College research England London More than 3,65,65,000 people were examined and found that the antibodies protected by the corona virus responsible for Covid-19 were declining over time, indicating that the immune system could only survive for a few months.

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