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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Why should your mask never be worn by another person?

It’s common to share things with family members and friends. 
From food to clothing, from cosmetics to gadgets. We do not hesitate to use the item of family members and friends when needed. In addition, there is nothing wrong with that. This is also the case when it comes to masks. Many people who live in the same house do not hesitate to use each other's washed masks. However, experts say it is not appropriate to do so.

Why not wear someone's mask ?:
We've all learned one thing, sharing is caring. But it is not right to do so when it comes to masks. Experts believe that masks should not be worn after washing properly and drying well in the sun. You should wear your own mask like undergarment and toothbrush. Risk of

sharing a mask:
It is unhygienic to let someone else wear it even when your mask is well washed. Masks are used to cover our mouths and noses. So there is a risk of bacteria and germs in it even after washing. Which are transferred from one person to another and spread a variety of diseases.

- In addition the mask should fit on your nose and mouth to avoid the risk of infection. When you share a mask with someone else, it can stretch, making you not fit when you wear it again. Masks that do not fit increase the risk of infection. So always keep 2-3 masks with you so you don’t have to take them from others.

The proper way to wear a mask:
- Do not wear a reusable mask without washing - Wash
your mask with warm water and let it dry in the sun
before using it
Wash your hands with soap and water before and after wearing the mask - Do not touch the mask frequently - Do not
fit Do not wear a mask

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