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Monday, October 26, 2020

Vehicle sales are expected to be 25 per cent lower this year during the Navratri-Dussehra festival

 The automobile sector has not seen much growth this Navratri season. There has also been a particular disappointment in passenger vehicles. According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, sales of two-wheelers and four-wheelers on Navratri-Dussehra have dropped by 25 per cent this year as compared to last year. FADA Gujarat Chairperson Pranab Shah says an estimated 1.09 lakh vehicles were sold in Gujarat during last year's season. Looking at the booking trend this year, the sales of vehicles are estimated to be around 85,000.

With the increase in vehicles and other taxes, the income of the people has also fluctuated, so that the demand for vehicles has decreased. The two-wheeler segment has seen a sharp decline compared to the four-wheeler, says Malav Shah, a partner at a dealership group in the city. This is because most of the students are in this section and they do not buy vehicles as there is currently online education. In addition, the average price of vehicles in the two-wheeler segment has increased by 30 per cent.

According to two-wheeler dealers, this reduction is much higher in mopeds and gearless scooters compared to bikes. Dealers have also unveiled a number of enticing offers to attract customers to buy the vehicle at special moments.

In addition to free insurance and accessories, there are also cashback offers on two-wheeler purchases, says Shah. However, compared to last year's Navratri-Dussehra season, we are expecting 30 per cent less sales this year.

The last few months, on the other hand, have seen a good recovery in sales of four-wheelers. According to FADA data, registration of two-wheelers in September 2020 has declined by 47% compared to the previous year. Jayesh Nanda, Director, Nanda Automobiles, says the festive season is expected to be good at our dealership, which prefers easy financing and personal vehicles. Another reason behind this is the starting range of 3.5 lakh. Although the demand for two-wheelers is also looking good, it is growing faster in rural areas as compared to urban areas of Gujarat.

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