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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Two lizards went out to sell for Rs 55 lakh, now Khashe is in jail

A huge incident has taken place in Los Angeles, USA. 
Last year, two people stole two lizards of a unique and rare species from a store, California police said. Knowing the value of these two lizards will blow your mind. According to ABC News, these rare species of lizards cost 75 75,000, or about Rs 55 lakh.

The lizard is more than 6 feet long, according to the Long Beach Police Department. Two Australian lace monitor lizards were stolen from JTK Reptiles in November last year. These lizards are more than 6 feet long. The authority also said that people entered the store and they broke the cage and took the lizard out. Who then fled in a car waiting outside the store.

Police re-searched
Police started tracking these lizards again. Jose Luis Macias Jr and Kassandra Marie Duenas have been arrested. Who was charged with second degree robbery. Both are currently out on 50,000 50,000 bail. Police Department spokesman Brandon Fahey said it looks like these people will be aware of the lizards and how much they are worth in the market. Even the owner of the lizard has not yet commented on the incident.

Image Source: Abcnews

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