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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Trump says fever more dangerous than Corona, Facebook deletes post

US President Donald Trump shifted from Walter Reed Medical Center to the White House on Tuesday. 
Trump has been receiving treatment here for four days. Trump tweeted the news. He was allowed to shift to the White House after recovering. Recently, however, he made a post about the corona virus, referring to the fever. Which was deleted by Facebook.

What was Donald Trump's post?
Posted by Donald Trump. "We have learned to live with this," he claimed. In the same way that we have learned to live with Corona. The flu kills many people and the corona virus is 'less lethal' in such a large population. The social media platform has removed the post for breaking the rule on ‘Corona virus related misinformation’.

The flagged Twitter post,
however, is President Trump's post on Twitter, but Twitter has described it as 'a violation of the Corona Virus Information and Harmful Information Rules'. Although Trump was infected with the corona, he did not seem to have learned a lesson from the incident. As soon as he left the hospital, Trump took off his mask again.

Presidential debate again on October 15
It is noteworthy that Trump was infected with the Corona virus at that time. When he was to participate in the US presidential election campaign. Recently, however, Trump was present at the debate in a presidential debate. According to a spokesman for Donald Trump's election campaign, Trump will now attend the debate in Miami on October 15 after taking care of White.

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