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Saturday, October 31, 2020

This young man selling flowers on the banks of the Ganges has saved more than 100 people from drowning!

 Shravan Kumar jumped for the first time at the age of 12 and saved a man from drowning in the river Ganga. It has been 10 years since this incident and so far it has saved many people from drowning in the Ganges. Many of these people accidentally fell into the river while many others fell intentionally to drown. But everyone later thanked him.

Shravan is currently 22 years old and sells flowers and offerings at Shukratal Ghat in Muzaffarnagar. This ghat is very well known among the devotees. Sitting on the pier, Shravan remembered his first dive. He said it was a very memorable experience. That person would have drowned that day. Shravan's father left school at the age of eight to help the family financially as he was ill.

Sharing flowers and offerings is the main source of income for Shravan but his eyes and ears are always towards the river. "Time is of the essence here," he said. Even a one second delay can create big trouble. Based on my experience, I can save people who have attempted suicide and fallen by accident.

However, Shravan regrets that he recently lost two of his mobiles to save lives in the river. He said he did not even have time to take his mobile phone out of his pocket when he went to save someone's life. However, not only mobiles but also offerings are often lost. Here the monkeys are tormented and they are just waiting to take the prasad.

But despite such losses, hearing is very satisfying by saving people's lives. He said I am lucky that God has brought me to this place. Many of those whose lives are saved by Shravan are grateful to him. Two of them even come to see him regularly. However, Shravan never demands money or anything else in exchange for saving lives.

I have seen death very closely. Seven years ago a 15-year-old boy fell into a river. It took me a while to get to it. I saw it when I went a lot deeper. The way the fish floated after coming out of the water was the way it floated underwater. His eyes were open. Those were the final moments of his life. However, I did bring it out. It took him about half an hour to heal, but he survived. He comes here from Agra to meet me every year, ”he said.

He said the river could not be assessed. Normally from above it seems quiet but down flow is very fast. The structure of the ghat is such that earlier about 10 people used to fall into the river every day. After walking a few meters away from the ghat, it becomes difficult for people who do not know how to swim to return. Currently, however, the mold has been made suitable. Yet people still do not stop falling into the river and such incidents increase during the rainy season.

"I have been here for the last seven years," said Maha Mandleshwar of Shukratal Peeth. I have seen with my own eyes how hearing has saved people’s lives. He didn't even care about his own life. Often drowning people pull it in because of fear. But even such incidents could not stop Shravan from jumping into the river to save people's lives.

Muzaffarnagar SSP Abhishek Yadav said the canal passes through the Bhopa area and Shravan helps the police a lot during vehicle accidents there. "Hearing has saved many lives," said Kazi Amzad Ali, a local resident. But very few people keep in touch with him. Shravan rescued the grandson of a businessman from Agra two years ago and he currently comes to visit him every year.

When the Times of India contacted businessman Kalyan Singh Bhadauria, he said, "We went to Shukratal in 2018 where my grandson Anuj Singh was drowning in the Ganges." Shravan saved him. We will never forget it.

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