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Friday, October 30, 2020

The engineer found a unique way to fulfill his hobby of cycling with a job

 People go out of their way to pursue their hobbies. Even a young engineer who enjoys cycling in Bengaluru has taken a unique approach to fulfilling his hobby. A young engineer named Rajesh Nayak was fond of cycling but due to his job he could not devote enough time to his hobby. Which made him upset. Working in a consultancy company, this engineer has finally found a unique way.

Rajesh was not getting time for cycling as he worked from 10 am to 5 pm for three years. So he decided to start a part-time job that would satisfy his cycling hobby. He finally started a part-time job at Zomato in May last year. After his regular office, Rajesh started delivering food to Zomato. He delivers food late every night and also caters to his own cycling hobby.

"When I was studying engineering in Mysore from 2012 to 2016, I got a taste for long-distance cycling," said Rajesh, who has been cycling for the past decade. I have also participated in the Dasara race. However, three years ago he saw the Hollywood film 'Premium Rush' which changed his mind.

That said, the Bike Messenger theme was always running in my mind. So I wanted to do the same in Bengaluru as the hero of that film. So I started working at night in Zomato. He also said that he has taken his part-time job more seriously after losing his job in a consultancy company due to the Corona virus.

He could not travel more than 5 km for food delivery due to his bicycle ID. So he took a two-wheeler ID which allowed him to travel long distances for food delivery. He said he has covered thousands of kilometers for food delivery which has not only earned him money but also increased his ability to ride a bicycle.

Rajesh, 26, has cycled more than 10,000 km so far. His activity app includes 25 Century Rides (all of which were over 100km) and 68 Half-Century Rides, according to record data. He has worked with Zomato for 155 days (he did not work in lockdowns and during the rainy season) in which he has delivered more than 1,500 deliveries.

In one day he covered a distance of 183 km in 20 hours and in the meantime he made 29 deliveries. “I did this as part of the preparations for these challenging and difficult rides,” he said. Even though he is going to deliver on a bicycle, Rajesh has not waited for any of his customers yet. Revealing the secret of how it is delivered within 30 minutes, Rajesh said that cyclists do not face any problem in heavy traffic. When there is a red signal, he walks and takes a bicycle.

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