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Friday, October 30, 2020

The dog arrived in Kerala from Dubai to attend the wedding, costing around Rs 2 lakh!

Kottayam, Kerala: After
 traveling for hours, a dog reached Bangalore from Dubai and then reached the Kerala owner's car. The dog is currently 7 years old and has been living in Dubai with Rupa Kurien and their daughter Malvika Kurien since she was one month old. When Rupa Kurien and her daughter Malvika Kurien came to Kerala from Dubai, they did not bring a dog with them.

Now when Rupa Kurien's daughter Malvika is getting married in Kerala in December, the dog was brought on a flight from Dubai to be present in Kerala at that time. This has cost the family Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand. Talking about this, Rupa Kurien said that my daughter and I had returned to Kerala from Dubai in a lockdown. But, could not bring the dog along. We left this dog at my sister's house in Dubai.

After many attempts, the dog was finally brought to Kerala from Dubai. After a total journey of 26 hours, the dog has arrived in Kerala. The dog first flew from Dubai to Bengaluru where it was examined by a medical team of veterinarians. The dog was then brought home in a car to Kerala. Talking about this, he told the dog's owner Rupa Kurien that the dog did not take food during the trip from Dubai to Kerala. When he was brought from Kerala to Kerala in a cart, the dog was turned slightly by keeping the cart standing every 5 hours.

He said very few flights have a separate section for dogs. And very few airports in India have such a facility where even the dog is cleared like a passenger. This dog has come to Kerala from Dubai and is with us now.

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