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Friday, October 30, 2020

Rare sightings of Hunters Blue Moon will appear in the sky on October 31

This time the full moon date is two days. 
In this too, the day of 31st October is very important for astronomical events. This day is celebrated in Western countries as Halloween. But this time the Hunters Moon event in the sky is a phenomenon that rarely happens. Usually there is Purnima once a month and Amas once a month, but having two Poonams is very rare. The second full moon is called 'Blue Moon' when there is Poonam twice in the same month.

The second full moon of October or Blue Moon will appear on the night of Halloween i.e. 31st October. The maximum lunar eclipse will be at 8:20 pm Indian time and 10 am and 51 minutes Eastern time.

What is Hunters Moon The

term Hunters Moon is traditionally used for the full moon of the month of October. This harvest is used for the full moon after the moon. The month of October starts with Harvest Moon, which means the second Poonam Hunter Moon to come this month.

Why Blue Moon?

The Blue Moon has nothing to do with the color or appearance of the moon. The second Poonam moon in a month is called Blue Moon. This moon is similar to the normal full moon. Although this time the moon will not be as close as the full moon, it will be far away from the earth at this time.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated every year on the last day of the month of October i.e. 31st October. There are many traditions to celebrate this. People who believe in Gaelic tradition celebrate this day like a festival. This is the last day of the harvest season, the day from which the cold begins. It is also believed that the spirits of the dead rise on this day and annoy the living souls present on earth. They are dressed like ghosts and campfire to ward off the fear of the spirits.

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