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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Priyanka Gandhi targeted government on rising inflation

Lucknow: The rising prices of vegetables have upset the common man. The Congress has now attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the increased prices of vegetables.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked why the government is silent. Along with this, he accused the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh that the BJP government is spending crores of rupees in false propaganda but is silent on the public's problems.

He wrote in his tweet that, during the festive season, inflation has been wreaking havoc on common people. Vegetable prices are skyrocketing. Work businesses are already stalled. But the BJP government, which spent crores of rupees in false propaganda, is silent on the public's problems. In the last few days, the prices of vegetables have been touching the sky.

The potato which was once sold for 10 rupees a kg has now become 60 rupees a kilo. Tomato is being sold for 60 rupees a kg. Onion has also reached Rs 80 a kg. Talking about green vegetables, brinjal is being sold at Rs 40, parwal 80 rupees, peas 140 rupees, lady finger 50 rupees, cabbage 30 rupees.

Apart from this, garlic is being sold for 200 rupees, Torai 40 rupees, capsicum 120 rupees, spinach 40 rupees, bitter gourd 60 rupees, and Arabic 50 rupees kg. The reason behind the sudden rise in the prices of vegetables is the lack of supply. Shopkeepers say that prices of vegetables are increasing due to reduced supply.

Before this, even before Priyanka Gandhi wrote in her tweet alleging the safety of women in Uttar Pradesh, an iron trader was kidnapped in Baghpat this morning. Women are not safe in UP. Traders are not safe. Children are not safe. The people of the government go to electoral meetings and give blank speeches. Fear prevails in public.

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