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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pakistani 'handsome' Chaiwala started a cafe in Islamabad, what would you think?

You will remember the Pakistani chewing gum with blue eyes, right? 
In 2016, a photographer shared a picture of him, after which Arshad, who lives in a small village in Pakistan, became famous. Arshad Khan became a heartthrob after the pics went viral. Arshad Khan's popularity grew so much that he was offered roles in films and TV shows. Then four years later, in 2020, you will be curious to know what this 'handsome' chewer is doing! So let's say, he has started a cafe in Islamabad.

Arshad has named his cafe 'Cafe Chaywala Roof Top'. In 2016, professional photographer Jia Ali clicked a picture of Arshad. Arshad was making tea at the time and he was wearing a blue kurto, with his blue eyes catching attention. This picture of Arshad went viral as soon as it was seen. Even today, more than his name, people all over the world know him as 'Pakistan's Chawla'.

Not long ago, Arshad started Cafe Chaiwala Roof Top. Talking to an Urdu channel, Arshad said, "Many people advised me to change the name of my cafe to Arshad Khan. But I refused to change it because 'Chawla' is my identity." Cafe Chaiwala Roof Top is decorated with kites and paintings to give a desi touch. Arshad Khan further said in the interview, "We have used truck artwork to design the cafe. At the same time, we have placed desi style table-chairs."

In addition to tea, 15-20 types of dishes are served in the cafe. Arshad also said that in addition to this cafe, he is also working on some projects in the entertainment world. Arshad also talked about education and at the same time said that he was sad that he could not complete his studies. Arshad has worked in many modeling projects since gaining popularity and was also seen in a music video in 2017.

The world of internet is amazing. Overnight gives you success and recognition. Many people like Arshad Khan have reached the peak of popularity today due to social media.

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