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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Ordered burgers by ordering online, got two pouches of ketchup!

People have stopped ordering items online during the Corona epidemic. Also, there is a strange case of online ordering in which a Canadian woman got only two pouches of ketchup, not a burger, after ordering a burger online.

The Canadian woman who ordered the burger got not burgers but only ketchup. The woman's husband shared the receipt of the order on Instagram. The woman's husband said the couple had a drink last night, then in the morning for a hangover we thought let's eat a McDonald's burger. My wife ordered 2 burgers by ordering online. Also, we were shocked when only two sachets of ketchup came to our house instead of this burger. Because, not only was there a burger in that packet, there were only two pouches of ketchup.

Also, when the couple saw the online food order bill, they understood the whole incident. He said that when my wife ordered the burger online, she wrote that she did not want bun / bread, onion and tikki in between. When all these items are removed from the burger, nothing will be left in the burger.

But, the company also shipped the goods the way it was ordered keeping in mind the preferences of its customers. The woman removed all of those items from the burger as ordered online and sent only two pouches of ketchup.

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