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Friday, October 30, 2020

Not a single domestic case of Corona has been reported in this country for the last 200 days

At a time when the corona virus is spreading around the world, Taiwan is moving towards overcoming the epidemic. 
Not a single case of Kovid-19 domestically transmitted has been reported in Taiwan in the last 200 days. The last case was reported on April 12 at Taiwan's Center for Disease Control. This is considered a great achievement by the CDC and he has thanked the countrymen who have made significant contributions to this success. However, he has appealed to people to wear masks and wash their hands frequently.

There have been 553 cases reported in Taiwan and seven deaths

Since the launch of Covid-19, there have been 553 cases in Taiwan, with only seven deaths. Domestic transmission in the country is currently stalled but cases are being registered among newcomers from abroad. Taiwan has told how he has faced Corona. Taiwan says it has cut off business and tourism ties with China, the origin of the corona virus.

Has Taiwan really beaten Corona?

However, many question whether Taiwan has really become Corona-free. Local media are keeping an eye on Corona coming positive after leaving Taiwan. Authorities said Wednesday they have received notices from health authorities in Japan and Thailand that three people who recently left Taiwan have tested positive for corona. However, Taiwan is successful in the eyes of the world as 44 million cases of corona have been reported worldwide and more than 1.1 million people have died. In Taiwan, the figure is much smaller.

Checking passengers arriving from Wuhan

Taiwanese officials say the symptoms of fever and pneumonia were only seen on December 31, according to researchers in the medical journal JAMA, and then they checked passengers arriving on flights from Wuhan. It is noteworthy that the corona virus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. On January 20, the government launched the Central Epidemic Command Center which coordinates between various departments and branches and the government.

Extremely strict measures were taken from the beginning

The government effectively explained how important it is to wear a mask to fight corona. In addition, Taiwan quickly closed its borders. It also suspended flights from Wuhan from January 23 and barred Chinese nationals residing in Wuhan. Taiwan made 14-day quarantine mandatory for people coming from abroad. Everyone from Taiwan, whether they were foreign nationals or not, had to stay in quarantine.

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