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Monday, November 9, 2020

Many people do not know that spiders cannot tolerate the smell of mint leaves

Special Report:
   Spiders! From the bathroom to the kitchen, this worm walks everywhere Many people are afraid of seeing them and many people are ignorant and fail to chase them This scene is very common in every house

No matter how much you sweep to protect yourself from these pests, they will be present in your home and will spread the net on your favorite wall. Its poison is also deadly Which can make your family sick So what's the way? Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

Mint leaves- Spiders cannot tolerate the smell of mint leaves So to get rid of spiders from the house, boil some mint leaves in water and cool it

Then fill it in a spray bottle and spray it on all the places in the house where there are spider webs. You can also use mint leaf oil instead of mint leaves. You can also spray mint oil mixed with a little water.

White vinegar - White vinegar can be used to repel spiders from the house. Vinegar is more effective than mint leaves in repelling spiders. Mix the same amount of water with vinegar and spray in the spider web. Spiders will not crawl into your home

Lemon - Vitamin C in lemons works great to repel spiders. Rub lemon juice on the areas of the house where spiders are more common

For example, on the window, on the bookshelf, in the kitchen, on the bathroom slave. Moreover, you can take a few lemons and extract the juice from it and spray it on the places where spider webs can be found.

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