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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Kim Jong sent a message to Trump, working to recover from Corona as soon as possible

 US President Donald Trump's "friend" Kim Jong-un has been upset by reports that Corona is positive. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has expressed his desire for Trump and First Lady Melania to recover quickly from the transition to corona. Trump has reportedly been moved from the White House to a military hospital and will now work from there. Let it be known that Trump and Melania Corona's report on Friday came positive and quarantined.

Kim Jong Un sends message to Trump Kim Jong Un wishes the US President a speedy recovery. According to KCNA, Kim Jong-un has sent a message to Donald Trump. In which he said he found the President and First Lady Corona to be positive. He has reassured both. He hopes the two will soon recover from the corona infection.

Trump also sent a message to Kim
Earlier, Donald Trump had sent a message that Kim Jong-un was ill. Trump texted a while back when news broke that Kim was in a coma. Hope Hicks, Trump's adviser, tested positive for Corona, then Trump and Melania also tested Corona Corona. Earlier, during a presidential debate, Trump mocked Biden, who was wearing a mask.

Trump will work with Walter Reed
President Trump himself tweeted a video in which he wrote that he was in good health. They were going from the White House by helicopter. "Everything will be fine," he wrote. Wearing Trump's mask, he went to the helicopter himself. He greeted reporters but did not speak. Press Secretary Kelly McAney said the president would act with caution from the president's office at Walter Reed and on the advice of a physician-medical expert.

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