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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Iqbalpur massacre: after mother his younger daughter also dies

 After the mother in the murder of Iqbalpur Sudhir Bose Road in the metropolis on Friday, her younger daughter has also died. The deceased's mother died on the day of the incident. At the same time, the condition of the elder daughter remains critical.

It is noteworthy that on Friday, a young man named Sultan Ansari attacked the family members with a sharp weapon in the flat of a multi-storey building located on Sudhir Bose Road in Iqbalpur.

The Sultan who attacked is said to be the cousin of the husband of the deceased woman in the incident. A preliminary investigation had revealed that he had tried to kill the mother and her two daughters due to a family dispute. After that he reached the police station.

Later investigation revealed that the arrested Sultan was planning to flee to Hyderabad after committing the murder. The police came to know that he had also arranged for the ticket. However, he changed his decision and surrendered to the police station.

Initial investigation revealed to the police that the people had witnessed this incident of Sultan. Thinking that there will be more punishment on the escape, he surrendered directly to the police station after committing the crime. Meanwhile, a sharp knife was recovered from the house of crime. Police estimate that it was used in the murder.

The police were also surprised when he was murdered and went straight to the police station. Why he did this was not clear at first, but later it was found that due to family dispute, he killed a mother and her two daughters.

On that day, after receiving information about the incident, the administration of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Firhad Hakim had also reached the spot. He told the media that the incident occurred possibly due to a family or property dispute.

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