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Monday, November 16, 2020

ICMR's advice, what should be eaten in your plate every day for perfect diet

Staying healthy during the Corona period is the biggest challenge. 
In such a situation, people are paying special attention to their eating and drinking. But people don’t know what should be on their plate? ICMR's Hyderabad-based Nutrition Institute of India has recently released a report. According to him, our daily diet should be 2 thousand calories. But the 2 thousand calories in our diet should come not from a single food product, but from a variety of things.

What do ICMR scientists have to say?

According to ICMR scientists, we should have not one, but many sources of energy. Relying on a single food product will give us energy, but it can worsen the balance of vitamins, calcium, and protein in our body.

According to ICMR, what should our diet chart look like?

According to ICMR, we should include 270 grams of grains like bread and rice in our diet. This will give us about 45% energy of 2 thousand calories. 90 grams of lentils should be eaten, it will give us 17% calorie energy.

Eat 300 grams of milk and yogurt daily. It provides 10% of our daily calorie energy. According to scientists, one should also eat 150 grams of fruit once a day. It gives us 3% of the energy we need.

It is necessary to include 20 grams of nuts and sprouted beans in the diet. This gives us 8% of the calories we need. Adding 27 grams of ghee and fats to the diet will provide 12% energy.

What are the people of town and village eating every day now?

According to the ICMR report, only 45% of our dependence should be on grains as a source of energy. But this is not happening in cities and villages. 51% of the people in cities are dependent on food grains. While in the villages 65.2% dependence is on grain.

According to scientists, as a source of energy, we should include lentils, meat, eggs, and fish in our diet, when this is not yet happening. People currently have 11% dependence on these items for energy, but it should be 17%.

Our dependence on vegetables for energy should be 5%. But only 8.8% in rural areas and 17% in urban areas are following this. The dependence of rural people on nuts and oil seeds is 22%, while the dependence of urban people is 27%.

According to the report, people in cities are using snacks and sweets as a source of 11% energy, this should be less. Good quality protein is being used by 5% of people in rural areas and 18% in urban areas when it needs to be increased.

The more you eat for breakfast is better avoided

Raipur dietician Doctor fund according to Pandey, cities, people are going to eat a snack, which is not good for health. Excessive scans mean you are avoiding eating well. It also does not provide the body with the energy it needs.

According to Doctor Nidhi about ICMR's diet chart, we can also get some required energy from sunlight, yogurt, jaggery and chickpeas. We have the option of everything, but our focus should be on eating fresh and protein rich.

People who go to the office are busy, so they cannot follow the diet chart of ICMR. They should therefore increase their dependence on dried fruits. It is a good source of energy. Its use also maintains the balance of vitamins.

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