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Friday, October 30, 2020

How are presidential elections held in the US, who chooses and who can vote?

 US politics is currently witnessing a presidential election. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden have had little to do with targeting each other. The whole world is watching the presidential election in the United States. Because, the global level of the President of the United States remains a special influence. These include situations such as international crises, such as wars, global epidemics, and climate change. Presidential elections in the United States are held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. That means elections will be held on November 3 this year. Then let us know the special things connected with the presidential election process in America ....

How is the US presidential election held?
The President of the United States is elected by the Electoral College, and ordinary people vote for the election.

Who chooses the President of the United States?
The candidate who gets the most votes in America is not determined to win. Candidates try to win the Electoral College vote. Each state gets an electoral college based on its population. Their total number is 538 and the winning candidate has to get 270 or more votes. That is, when people vote, they are choosing the representative of their state, not the president of the country. Candidates will try their luck in 435 seats in the House and 33 seats in the Senate this year.

Who can vote in the US presidential election?
U.S. over 18 Citizens can vote for the presidency. Many states have made it a rule that voters have to show their identity.

Which states will decide the 2020 presidential election?
Voting for the presidential election takes place in 50 states of the country.

How long does the presidential election last?
On November 3 this year, the U.S. Elections are to be held in About two years before this time (in 2018) the candidates started announcing to contest the elections. Its next year (in 2019) begins discussions at various levels. This is followed by election year i.e. this time in 2020 there are conventions for nomination of candidates. Then in September-October there is a debate between the presidential candidates and then elections are held. Voters will cast their electoral ballots in December and counting will take place on January 6. The oath will then be taken on Inuguration Day on January 20, 2022.

How often can a candidate become President?
In the United States, a candidate can run for president twice.

What is the term of office of the President of the United States?
Four years.

Can a president serve three terms?
No, there are only two terms for any president. So far Franklin Roosevelt has only lived three times during World War II.

What powers does the President of the United States have?
The president has executive power to enforce laws made by the country's parliament (Congress).

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