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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Gauhar Khan's love for Zaid on his birthday, called 'boyfriend' a blessing

Gauhar Khan is Bigg Boss's best ever winner and contestant. 
Gauhar Khan was recently seen as a naughty senior in 'Bigg Boss 14'. However, Gauhar has now returned to her home. Gauhar is reportedly in a relationship with music composer Ismail Darbar's son Zaid Darbar. Gauhar has written a special message for her so-called boyfriend Zaid on his birthday and called it a blessing.

Gauhar Khan has shared some pics of Zaid's birthday celebration. In these pictures, Gauhar and Zaid are seen having fun giving different expressions. Sharing photos on Zaid's birthday, Gauhar wrote, "From being the most amazing person (even hot) to my wide smile to the moments where I want to strangle you (when it's annoying) and from there to having fun with you. Every time you are more and more the best you love me before you click the photo, until you straighten my hair with love. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart. Birthday boy Zaid, you are the blessing in my life. Your life. Always full of happiness, health, wealth and success. Amen. Your next year will be great, Zedi. "
Zaid Darbar also shared a picture of the cake on his Instagram account. Birthday boy Zaid is seen sitting in front of the cake. However, Lady Love Gauhar is not seen in these pictures.

It is to be mentioned that there has been talk for some time now that Zaid and Gauhar will get married in November. On the rumors of marriage, Gauhar Khan said that whenever anything happens, he will let the world know. "We are with Zaid in whatever he decides. Gauhar is a very good girl," said Ismail Darbar, Zaid's father and music composer.

Zaid is a choreographer and social media influencer. Zaid and Gauhar met earlier this year and started dating. Zaid is in love with Gauhar. In fact his family also likes Gauhar. In an interview, Zaid said, "Gauhar's bond with my family is good and mine is with his family. My family loves it so much and you can’t even think about how much they love it. He is close to us but I think the whole world loves him. My whole family, my father, mother, sister, brother everyone loves it. My little sister loves it and always says that she wants to be like Gauhar '.

Gauhar celebrated his birthday on August 23 with Zaid and family. He also gave a beautiful surprise to the actress.

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