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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Follow these home remedies to get immediate relief from acidity

There can be many causes of stomach acidity problems. 
But the biggest problem with acidity is that it can bother you anywhere and anytime. Learn about home remedies to prevent acidity here

The easiest and most effective way

- Cold milk is the easiest and most effective way to calm the acidity. Cool a glass and drink without adding sugar. This recipe will give you immediate relief from acidity.

Eat some jaggery

Eat jaggery when your stomach becomes inflamed due to acidity. You will be relieved immediately after eating jaggery. Drink a glass of fresh water after eating jaggery.
- Be aware that if you drink less water than usual after eating jaggery, you may get a cough. So eat jaggery and drink a glass of water. The stomach will cool down immediately and the acidity will go away.

Cumin and parsley are effective

- if acidity or inflammation occurs in the stomach, one teaspoon of cumin and parsley should be boiled together on a griddle. When both are cold, take half the amount and consume it with sugar.

- Take half a teaspoon of the prepared mixture after meals. You will get relief from a single dose of acidity. But eat the rest of the mixture the same way to properly digest the next meal.

- After eating a mixture of cumin and sugar, you can drink fresh water if necessary. But drink fresh water only after 10 minutes. If you want to drink water immediately, drink only one gulp, you will benefit from amla or amla


- if you have amla at home, you can add sanchar powder and consume it. You will get immediate relief. If there is no amla and you can also consume amla candy. Doing this will relieve you from acidity or stomach inflammation in 2 to 3 minutes.

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