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Thursday, October 29, 2020

FIR on Facebook post, rebuked SC's Mamta government, said - let India be free

 FIR by the Delhi Police on Facebook post of a civilian and reprimanded link the Supreme Court Mamata government summons case. The Supreme Court has said that no ordinary citizen can be harassed for criticizing the government.

Actually, the Supreme Court has reprimanded it when Roshni Biswas, a resident of Delhi, shared a picture of Rajabazar area of ​​metropolitan Kolkata. Through this picture, he questioned the seriousness of the lockdown with the Mamta government. Please tell that Roshni is originally from Bengal.

Please tell that only after the above post of Roshni, the Kolkata Police had registered an FIR. Kolkata Police believed that the post made by Roshni was socially damaging. While hearing this case, the bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Indira Banerjee made very strong remarks.

The court considered the issue of summons on a common citizen by the police as a matter of concern. The court has said that because of this dangerous trend, the judiciary has to come in the middle to protect the constitutional rights of the people. The Supreme Court has clearly stated that this is a dangerous situation. Let this India be free.

Along with this, the Supreme Court also stayed the said decision of the Calcutta High Court in which Roshni was ordered to appear before the police and cooperate in the investigation.

Further, the Supreme Court said that summoning a woman from Delhi to Kolkata is disturbing. Today Delhi tomorrow, police of other states including Kolkata, Mumbai, Manipur and Chennai will start sending summons to people from every part of the country. To give this message that you want freedom of speech, then we will teach you a lesson. The court said this is a dangerous trend.

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