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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fear of terrorist attack in Mumbai, alert issued

 Terror attacks are being predicted in Mayanagari once again during the festival season. It is believed that terrorists can target crowded areas. The intelligence department has informed about the terror attack through a letter from Mumbai Police.

Police have been alerted throughout the city of Mumbai following a letter from the Intelligence Department. The letter says that keeping the input in mind, a fly blowing object has been banned. Section 144 has been imposed in the city. The order states that this order will remain in force for the next 30 days.

The city has been warned of an attack from drones and air missiles. According to information received from the sources, during the festivals, remote controlled aircrafts or air missiles can strike in congested areas or VIP areas of Mayanagari.

Defense experts also believe that at present, Pakistan and terrorist organizations can carry out any major event to disrupt not only political instability but also festivals. DCP Chaitanya of Mumbai Police has issued an appeal to the people. He has said in the appeal that people need not panic about the order of terrorist attack.

People should not be afraid, just be cautious. Let us tell you that last week it was reported from intelligence sources that Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has given the responsibility of attacks in India to terrorist organizations Jaish-e-Mohammed and Al-Badr. The terrorists of these organizations have been given special training and sent to the launch pads of Rawalakot, Khuiretta, Samani and Sialkot so that they can carry out the big blast.

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