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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Corona: Preparations for vaccination started, the Center gave important instructions to the states

New Delhi: The
 Center has asked the states to set up committees to look into and coordinate the work of vaccination against COVID-19. At the same time, the Center has asked the states to ensure that it has a minimal impact on general health services. The Center said that social media should be monitored from the outset to prevent rumors which could affect the acceptance of the vaccine in the society.

The center said it would take about a year to vaccinate against the corona virus and that different groups would be involved, starting with health workers. The health ministry has asked it to form a committee at the state and district level to review vaccination preparations such as cold storage for vaccine storage, transport preparations, state-specific challenges on a geographical basis, etc.

In a letter to the States and Union Territories, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan directed the State Management Committee (SSC) headed by the Chief Secretary of the States, the State Task Force (STF) headed by the Additional Chief Secretary or Minister (Health) and the District Task Force (DTF) headed by the District Officer. Has given.

The appendix attached to the letter also outlines the functions of the committees, e.g., the SAC will ensure that all relevant departments work proactively and develop innovative strategies for public participation to ensure that everyone receives the vaccine.

Notably, the central government has since started exploring various cold storages for corona vaccine storage. Talks are also underway with some big food companies for this. So that the vaccine can be delivered to every citizen across the country without any difficulty. Corona cases in the country may have declined a bit, but some states are showing signs of starting the third phase of corona transition. Then PM Modi also in his recent nationalist message advised the countrymen not to be careless and wear masks as well as adhere to social distance. Meanwhile, the guideline of Unlock 5 has also been issued in the country. However, the previous rules have been maintained without any major changes.

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