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Thursday, October 8, 2020

An eight-eyed spider was found in Australia

 A woman in Australia has discovered a new species of blue-eyed spider. The woman was shocked to see the spider, which was found by accident, behind her house. The woman, who lives in Thirol, New South Wales, also saw the spider 18 months ago. But she could not prove that she saw him then. Now he called the experts after seeing the spider. Who identified the spider.

New species of Jots Brushed Jumping Spider

According to the Daily Mail, the name of the woman who discovered the spider is Amanda de George. The second time he saw this spider, he took some pictures of it and uploaded it to the Facebook group Backyard Zoology. Experts with knowledge of worm-spiders have described this spider as a new species of Jots Brushed Jumping Spider.

Photos uploaded to Facebook

Amanda George said she saw this jumping spider while she was doing something in the backyard of her home. At first she was very scared but later she took some pictures of her and uploaded them on Facebook. This post was viewed by spider expert Joseph Schubert. He then told the woman to catch the spider carefully.

Placed in a container and sent to a biologist

After a long search, Amanda captured the spider in an empty container. He said one more spider was caught with him but he was afraid the two might eat each other. So he imprisoned the two in separate containers. Both spiders were later sent to Joseph Schubert.

Naming will take place when the Museum Victoria opens

The spider has not been named yet. According to Schubert, the spiders will be formally named and details will be revealed when Museum Victoria's lab reopens. Regarding the discovery of this spider, Amanda said that she is very happy that it helped her to do something for science.

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