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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Actor Soumitra Chatterjee's condition dangerous

 Recently Bengali film veteran Saumitra Chatterjee was hit by the corona virus. However, after treatment, she beats Corona. But during this time he was not discharged from the hospital due to other health problems. He is struggling with all health related problems. At this time, his condition is said to be very dangerous.

According to information from Belview Hospital sources, the actor's condition is deteriorating. The amount of urea in the blood has increased. After recovering from Corona, people thought that Soumitra Chatterjee would be fully recovered, but his condition was only getting worse. His position started deteriorating from Ashtami's day. According to the information received, their platelets are gradually decreasing. They are being given food through a rice tube.

According to the information received, even after recovering from the corona, the actor's body is lacking in oxygen. Blood pressure is fluctuating. Meanwhile, the problem of brain infection and covid encephalopathy is increasing. Hospital sources said Soumitra may be given plasma therapy. However, doctors hope he will recover quickly.

According to information received from hospital sources, internationally renowned neurologists are also being consulted for the treatment of Saumitra. Soumitra is 85 years old at this time. It has been almost 2 weeks since he recovered from Corona but is still hospitalized.

Significantly, Saumitra Chatterjee was admitted to Bellevue Hospital in the metropolis on October 6 after being found infected with the corona virus. Soumitra Chatterjee's condition had continued to be critical ever since the corona virus struck. He also had to be placed on the bypass ventilator.

Let us tell you that the full name of BIPAP ventilator is Bilevel positive airway pressure. Through this machine, the patient is given air with the help of a mask, so that they do not have trouble breathing. However, his condition remains critical even after recovering from Corona.

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