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Friday, October 23, 2020

A special coincidence is associated with the birth of Chiranjeevi and Meghna's son

The day of October 22 has brought a lot of happiness for actress Meghna Raj Sarja and her family. 
The son of late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghna Raj was born on October 22. The actor's family, friends and fans are calling the birth of their son Chiranjeevi's reincarnation. Interestingly, Jr. Chiranjeevi was born on the engagement anniversary of his parents.

Actress Meghna Raj's father has revealed this in a conversation with the media outside the hospital. "Meghna and Chiru got engaged on October 22, three years ago. It is a pleasant coincidence that their son was born on the same date. Today, my son-in-law has been reborn as a child," said Sundar Raje.

Apart from Sarja and the Raj family, people associated with Kannada cinema are also excited about the birth of Jr. Chiranjeevi. Pictures of Chiranjeevi's brother Dhruv Sarja to his nephew have also gone viral on social media. "We are very happy to have a healthy baby. Both Meghna and the baby are in good health. I thank Hanumanji. Holding my nephew in my arms, it feels like Chiru is with me. After all, it is Chiru's son," Dhruv Sarja told the media. This feeling is indescribable. "

Recalling a conversation with Chiranjeevi earlier in the summer, Dhruv Sarja said, "I asked Chiru jokingly, 'What are you going to do if you are going to be a father soon and your son is just like you?' "I am confident that my son will come and there will be complaints from his school," Chiranjeevi said. Concluding the talk, Dhruv also said that Chiranjeevi's wish to have a son has been fulfilled.

Importantly, the month of October will be memorable for the Sarja family as this month marks the birth anniversary of Chiranjeevi, Dhruv Sarja's birthday. Also now self. Chiranjeevi's son's birthday will also be celebrated this month. Meghna's friends and family organized three different baby showers for her. All three baby showers were planned according to Chiranjeevi's wishes. So just a few days before the birth of junior Chiranjeevi, Dhruv Sarja bought a silver cradle for him.

Chiranjeevi died of a heart attack on June 7, 2020. Meghna was pregnant when Chiranjeevi died.

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