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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What do babies enjoy most in their mother's womb?

There is a deep connection between mother and child even before they come into this world. 
It is in the mother's womb that the baby begins to like and dislike. The baby starts to do a lot in the mother's womb even before it is born and we are going to tell you what the babies in the mother's womb enjoy the most.

Salt Meals
It is common to get cravings from eating salt in pregnancy. However, have you ever noticed that the baby starts to move as soon as the sweet thing is put in the mouth. It can also be that the baby tastes whatever you eat. The baby tastes through amniotic fluid. Kids love to eat salt. This is a sign that your child loves to eat salt.

If the mother touches
or kicks the baby by touching her stomach, understand that she is liking your touch. Infants especially respond to mana touch. You can also keep your hands on your stomach to see if your baby kicks. If they do, understand that they like your touch.

baby's voice usually begins to be heard by the 18th week of pregnancy. At this time children develop the ability to hear. The infant first recognizes his mother's voice. Gradually the children also begin to react to hearing the mother's voice. If the children like the mother's voice they feel happy and react. If the mother is happy then the baby in the womb is also happy. In addition to the mother's touch and voice, the baby also likes the mother's smile.

Listening to music from the mother's
womb Some babies also like to hear songs or music from the mother's womb. If children learn to distinguish between noise and melodious music. Speed ​​and noisy music can disturb him while listening to sweet music keeps the minds of children happy. If you also want to keep your child happy, listen to some melodious music. Listening to loud music frightens babies in the womb.

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