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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Toxic chemicals found in diapers, dangerous for children: Survey

New Delhi:
 Wearing diapers for children can be detrimental to their health. A survey by ToxicLink, a non-governmental organization working in the field of environment, found that diapers contained dangerous chemicals and plastics. Importantly, these chemicals have also been found in the diapers of well-known companies.

A research report released on Monday with the headline 'What's in the diaper: the presence of pallets in baby diapers' has raised concerns over the discovery of toxic phthales (chemicals and plastics) in disposable baby diapers available in the market. These phthalates, chemicals cause serious harm to health.

2.36 ppm in the diaper during the study. (Parts per million) to 302.2 ppm. Until an overdose of phthalate has been found. DEHP is the most toxic phthalate. Its use in many children’s products is legally prohibited, but the investigation found it to be 2.36 ppm. Is also found to be between 264.94 ppm.

60% of the samples were taken from well-known companies.
40% of the samples for the study were from the local market, while 60% were from well-known companies. All the samples were analyzed in a laboratory accredited by NABL (Spectro Analytical Lab Ltd. Okhla, New Delhi). Piyush Mohapatra, Senior Program Coordinator, ToxicLink, said that India has set standards for five common pellets in different children's products. But there is no such rule for disposable baby diapers.

What is Thalet
Thalates are usually bound with a polymer used in diapers. They are easily freed from diapers. Diapers have been in direct contact with babies' external genitalia for many months, so these chemicals can enter their bodies through dermal absorption.

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