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Monday, September 28, 2020

SBI warns account holders about incoming messages and phone calls on WhatsApp

Mumbai: The country's largest bank SBI has warned its account holders about incoming calls and messages on WhatsApp. 
According to the bank, it has come to notice that fraud is being perpetrated by sending messages on WhatsApp as well as phone calls asking customers for account details as well as passwords. The bank has urged the account holders not to fall prey to fraud by giving any details of their accounts.

SBI has tweeted to its customers that online fraud through digital payments is on the rise. Cybercrime is now being perpetrated in a new way through WhatsApp calls and messages. A few days ago, the bank also warned the customers about the fraudulent emails being sent by the swindlers with the same email ID as the bank.

How does fraud happen?

WhatsApp receives a message or phone call in the name of the bank. In which they are told that they have won the lottery from the bank, and so they are asked for their account or card details. The bank said that SBI never asks any customer for account details, PIN or password through email, text message or WhatsApp. In addition, the bank does not run any lottery scheme in which customers are rewarded.

Refunds will not be given if the customer is

deceived by mistake. But if the customer is cheated due to his negligence, he is not entitled to any refund. The bank has also told customers that online fraud The perpetrators are just waiting for your one mistake.

The growing scourge of online fraud is that

people are being called and their credit or debit card details are being taken away, saying that their card is about to expire, that it will be closed or they have won the lottery, and that the amount will be credited in a short time. As these details come to hand, in a matter of seconds, the entire account of the arthritis target is cleared. This amount tends to be deposited in haunted bank accounts. So that it is also very difficult to track. Jamtara district of Jharkhand is notorious for online fraud across the country. Despite repeatedly warning people about this, Arthritis continues to play the game of fraud in the name of digital wallet KYC or any other innovative way.

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