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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Russia is making octopus a 'weapon', will hit American killer dolphin at sea

 Russia has begun major preparations to meet the world's ever-changing security challenges. Russian President Vladimir Putin is developing marine life as a new weapon to save soldiers from being wounded in battle. A Russian scientist has claimed that batches of killer octopuses are being prepared in an underground lake in the Arctic on Putin's orders. This animal can prey on anyone at a distance of 150 feet.

Octopus named Organism 46-B
According to news, Russian scientist Dr Anton Padalka claimed he was part of an Arctic mission. Through which vast sea creatures were discovered. He also stated that the organism was named Organism 46-B. He claimed that Russia was building a full squad of these sea creatures in Lake Vostok.

The giant octopus was found in a freshwater lake two miles thick of ice in the Arctic, said Dr. Anton Padalka, a marine killer found in a lake in the Arctic. Who has a poisonous long weapon (legs). Two Russian scientists were also killed. On the first day, this huge octopus damaged our radio, after which we took the help of alarm.

Octopus can kill enemy from 150 feet away
Russian scientist claims that octopus is capable of killing its prey by throwing poison in water from a distance of 150 feet. Sadly my companion and friend were killed by its venom while trending the octopus. After which he swallowed most of his body parts with his huge claws.

The Russian octopus will take on the American killer dolphin
The American Navy has been training spy dolphins for the past several decades. These dolphins are equipped with fish sensors that detect explosives and sometimes submarines at sea. During the Cold War, these dolphins were trained to rediscover Russian submarines. According to a 2016 report, the U.S. is also training killer sharks to attack enemy submarines.

Russia already uses marine life Russia
has conducted many operations by marine life in the past. During the Cold War, Russia used dolphins to maintain submarines, flag mines, and ships. The latest satellite imagery shows that Russia has also deployed trained dolphins with its submarines in Syria, which is battling a civil war.

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