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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Innocent acquittal of woman's leave-in partner in rape case for 20 years

New Delhi:
 Any woman who has been sexually abused with a knife does not write love letters to the accused and does not live in a live-in relationship with him for four years. The Supreme Court on Monday acquitted the man in a 20-year-old case of misdemeanor and fraud. Earlier, the trial court and the Jharkhand High Court had convicted the man.

A bench of Justices Nariman, Justin Naveen Sinha and Indira Banerjee, hearing the case, ruled that the girl had refused to write love letters in her favor. But the evidence presented against us is contradictory to that of the young woman. The court said that what was written in the love letters made it clear that the young man was also in love at the time and did not cheat on the girl just to have sex.

All these incidents took place in 1995, according to the allegations made by the girl in her FIR. When he wrote FIR in 1999. The court has also questioned it. The woman alleged that the young man had fixed the marriage somewhere else by promising to marry her. When the court found that the two religions were different. The girl's family wanted to attend church because she was a Christian. While the family of the young man is a Hindu Scheduled Tribe who demanded that the marriage take place in a temple, both the families came to Jidda in this matter.

In addition, the relationship between the young man and the young woman did not last for a short time. But then for some reason the young man has lodged such a complaint only 7 days before the second marriage is decided.

The court concluded that after looking at all the evidence and hearing both parties, it became clear that both parties had been in love for a long time. So that proves that the young man did not cheat by lying just to have sex.

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