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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

If your husband earns, then why do you need a job? Here are 5 things that make a working wife bored

With the changing times, the thinking of the people of Indian society has also changed a lot. 
Its effect is also seen on married couples of modern age. However, most of the women who break the old thinking structure and take care of the house are still hearing such things from the people around them. Which is nothing less than mental and emotional torture for them.

I can't stay away from children like you

Nowadays many women are taking the help of a nanny to take care of the children. So that she can take care of the children along with her work and the husband can also concentrate on office work. However, because of this many women have to endure satire. If a working woman takes the help of a nanny, she is given the title of 'woman without a heart'. Not only that, "I don't know, how can he stay away from children, I can't stay". The speaker does the party by listening to it, but such things affect the mind of a woman.

How to leave Aya's trust? Don't be afraid ...

Every woman is terrified of leaving her child with a stranger. So even if he finds a trustworthy nanny in the same way, the people around him do not leave any stone unturned to increase fear with suspicion. Nowadays, women also fit special cameras at home. So that they can sit in the office and see how the nanny takes care of their children. However, whenever people tell her negative things about the nanny, it also makes women feel uncomfortable and restless.

When the husband earns, why do you need a job?

If the husband is working, why doesn't the wife work? If the boy has worked so hard to build his career, then the girl has worked just as hard. So why expect him to quit his job? Assuming that both are financially strong and the husband's salary is also high but his job is equally important for the young lady. This is more than just earning money, it is the only way to build self-esteem, independence and self-identity.

Home-family and children's responsibilities

Most working women hope to manage office work as well as housework perfectly. She is often reminded that 'it is a woman's responsibility to take care of the family.' There will be some who will refuse but women know very well what their responsibilities are. However, criticism on how she manages or even handling her husband's responsibilities etc. puts stress on her.

Why not find a job that works from home

Reminding the woman of the importance of home, she is advised not only to quit her job but also to do some work from home. The person who says this is immersed in such a syrup that the woman cannot even give him the opposite answer. However, it is certain that this kind of comment also has a psychological effect on him. Because this thing directly interferes with his personal life.

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