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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

How does the underarm of a Bollywood actress look so white and smooth? Here are the tips

Do you remember that once Priyanka Chopra was very trolled for her smooth and beautiful underarms pics on a magazine cover. 
After which he posted a natural picture of himself in a very confident estimate to curb the rumors of this Photoshop. In which her underarms looked just as clean and smooth. Like it was on the cover page of his magazine.

What would celebs be better than?
You must have thought at least once what these celebs are doing. So that their underarms look so white and smooth. Whether shooting a film or a party, most of the actresses are seen in strapless dresses. If even ordinary girls are hesitant to wear such a dress because of such black underarms and you are also facing this problem then don't worry because we are going to show you the tricks that can get rid of black underarms forever.

Moisturize the underarms Even
though your underarms do not actually need hydration, they do need to be moisturized. Because it is exposed to harmful radicals. Your underarms stay in touch all the time and often turn black due to rubbing in one place. After bathing, apply moisturizer to keep the skin moist.

Also pay attention to your
clothes. If you have a habit of wearing polyester and other synthetic clothes, change it immediately. Always wear clothes that suit your skin. Because your skin is exposed to clothing all the time. So that you can avoid the black color of the underarms.

Exfoliate the armpit
Just like your face, dead underarms can accumulate in your underarms and cause blackening. You need to exfoliate the underarms to prevent this from happening. However, be sure to always use a gentle and fluffy scrubber. This is because the skin in the armpit area is very sensitive.

Don't use depilatory creams Don't
rely on depilatory creams shown in advertisements. There are fewer celebs like that. Who are in fact using it. Prolonged use of depilatory creams can darken the skin. Because it contains the presence of chemicals. Also, the cream does not actually remove the hair from the root.

Instead of shaving, waxing
shaves make hair grow faster and in a blunt direction. So, if you do waxing, the hair growth will be less with time and the dead cells of the underarms will also come out. So that your underarms look clean and tidy.

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