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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dead body of 48-hour girl killed and thrown in temple

 The news of the killing of three innocent people has come to light in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal within 15 days. There is no one to kill these innocent people, but only their mother who gave birth to them. If a mother killed her child by throwing it in a big pond, then someone killed her own innocent child by immersing herself in a water tank.

Another such case has emerged from the Ayodhya Nagar area of ​​Bhopal. Where a mother gave such a wound to her innocent child of 48 hours which lost her life. When the body of the girl was seen by the local people in the Shiv temple of the area, the police was informed about this. Police reached the spot and saw that the girl was wrapped in a cloth.

When the investigation was carried out, there were deep wounds on the body of the girl and the body of the girl was also scratched by the dogs. Police have registered a case against unknown in this case. Police is trying to reach the accused by collecting information about the delivery of women in private hospital and government hospital in Bhopal.

Simultaneously CCTV footage of the surrounding areas are also being investigated. Apart from this incident, on September 17, a similar news was also reported. The accused mother had killed her one-month-old daughter by immersing her in a water tank in want of a son. The second incident occurred on 18 September.

The accused mother threw her 9-month-old daughter in the big lake in Bhopal's big lake. The girl was killed by drowning in water.

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