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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Army to get more 72,000 Sig Sore Assault rifles, now also be able to rent defense equipment

New Delhi:
 Amid India-China tensions on the Line of Control (LoC ) in eastern Ladakh, the defense ministry has approved the purchase of an additional 72,000 American Sig Soar Assault Rifles for the Indian Army. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting approved Rs 780 crore for Sig Soor. The Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, has approved a new defense acquisition policy. Under the new policy, the Army can also lease many defense devices, which will save time in purchasing them, as well as reduce the cost.

The Army has already received the first batch of this American assault rifle, i.e. 72,000 rifles, and will now receive another 72,000 rifles. This is a modern assault rifle and was previously loaded for use in areas with counterterrorism operations. Soldiers currently stationed on the LAC also have this assault rifle. India has taken this assault rifle under Fast Track Procurement (FTP). This assault rifle will replace the existing Insas rifle. Insas was created by the Ordinance Factory Board. The Sing Soor is a modern assault rifle. It has a 16-inch barrel and a caliber of 7.22 mm. Whereas, the caliber of Insa is 5.56 mm. The more caliber the more lethal. The Insas rifle is not automated, while the Sig Soor is automated. Sig Soor's mark is even more accurate. In addition to the Sig Soor, the Army will also receive an AK-203 rifle to replace the Insas. It will be made in collaboration with Russia at the Ordnance Factory in Amethi.

A total purchase of Rs 2,290 crore was approved at the DCA meeting on Monday. Purchases of high frequency radio sets and smart anti-air field vapors were also approved. The high frequency radio set will be helpful in communication to the Army's field units and the Air Force and Rs 540 crore has been sanctioned for it. The smart anti-airfield vapor will enhance the fire power of the Navy and Air Force, for which Rs 970 crore has been passed.

The Ministry of Defense has also approved a new Defense Acquisition Policy. It has removed the offset key in the government-to-government deal. According to the offset, if the deal is government-to-government or a single vendor, the foreign company would have to invest at least 30 per cent of the total contract amount in the Indian manufacturing sector. A CAG report recently tabled in Parliament also raised questions against the fighter aircraft raffle maker for failing to meet its offset obligations. The new acquisition policy also states that the Armed Forces can lease more equipment, saving time on purchases as well as lower costs. The Armed Forces can lease equipment such as transport aircraft.

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