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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

1 million deaths from corona in the world, but unofficial figure claims to be large

The official death toll from the corona worldwide has reached one million. 
However, in fact this figure can be almost double. Uni. According to Alan Lopez, director of the Global Burden of Disease Group in Melbourne and Professor of Literature, Corona's ability to spread and those who show no symptoms are infected, making it difficult to determine the exact number of patients tested.

He also said that the one million deaths reported so far is definitely a big figure. However, the question arises as to whether it is true or not. Even in a country with a sophisticated healthcare system like the United States, it is difficult to know the exact death toll. Thousands died of corona during March and May, but this was not officially noted, according to a study conducted in July.

Indefinite mortality figures give governments time for policy and planning regarding the public health system, and promote economic recovery. In addition, the low death toll gives people a false sense of security, and gives governments a chance to downplay the deadly virus. According to Lopez's assessment, if the death toll from the corona reaches 3 million, the epidemic will be the biggest casualty.

Citing the example of India, Lopez said that there are 6 million cases in the country, but out of 1 million deaths in the world, only 95,000 deaths have been reported in India. He also said that India, which has the second highest number of patients after the United States, does not have a framework to track real-time data on corona deaths.

A patient with heart, diabetes, cancer or other serious illness has a higher chance of dying from corona. In some countries, including Russia, governments have tried to keep the numbers low by saying that if a patient with comorbidity dies, he or she has died of a previous illness rather than coronary heart disease.

Corona killed 5,922 people in Russia in July. A further 4157 deaths were also attributed to Corona, but they were not counted in the official death toll from Corona. Surprisingly, the death toll in Russia in July 2020 was 29,925 higher than in July 2019.

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